Color safe bleach chemical composition?
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What is color-safe bleach composed of?

I'm specifically referring to Clorox 2 (just because that's what I have around the house). I was under the impression that it was some sort of a peroxide formula, but in looking at Clorox's website it says that Clorox 2 does not actually disinfect, which I would expect a peroxide to do. I feel like I remember successfully cleaning mold with it in the past, so I'm a bit baffled. Any ideas?
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According to Colorox themselves, "Clorox 2 contains a milder, oxygen bleach which makes it color-safe."
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About says that oxygen bleach is made with hydrogen peroxide.
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Sorry, on reread, you knew that. This site has a lot of info and suggests that you can disinfect with it, so I wonder if the Clorox label is because of the degree of dilution?
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Best answer: I'd imagine the "does not disinfect" is a liability thing. It does disinfect, but not nearly as well as Original Recipe Clorox, and Proctor & Gamble don't want to get sued by some moron who used clorox 2 to clean up after dressing a bunch of raw chickens and gave the whole church fundraiser salmonella poising.
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