USA: A People's History
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Is there an american series of documentary that tells the story of how USA came to be what it is?

I've been watching the CBC's Canada: A People's history and it's an awesome way to learn about the history of my country, filling the gaps I didn't know about.

I'm wondering if there's a similar documentary about the history of USA?
Really, any other documentaries built in the style of Canada: A People's history would be interesting. To see actors speak and act as if they were the historical figure is an entertaining way to learn about history!

Canada: A People's history
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Not quite quite in the documentary vein, but perhaps you might enjoy The People Speak.
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Well, there's Howard Zinn's award-winning A People's History of the United States (runner-up winner of the National Book Award). There was a reading done in NYC that featured Danny Glover, Andre Gregory, James Earl Jones, Myla Pitt, Marisa Tomei, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Alice Walker, Alfre Woodard, Harris Yulin, and Howard's son Jeff Zinn, the artistic director of the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater. Howard Zinn as narrator.

There's also a documentary version with a bunch of famous people.

Howard's website has more info. It appears it aired on the History Channel last month.
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I'd certainly check out everything by Ken Burns, seems like documenting the history of the United States is his career goal.
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The PBS series "Liberty" does an awesome, interesting, dramatic job telling about the American revolution. Seeing that was the first time in my life that I got a thrill on that subject.
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A Biography of America
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