Ingredients for St Dalfour cream?
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Ingredients for St Dalfour cream?

I'm looking for the ingredients for the St. Dalfour whitening cream, as listed here. Does anyone know if it's safe for nursing mothers? Thanks.
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The most recent coverage of such creams in the NYTimes suggests that for quality-control and counterfeiting reasons, skin whitening creams aren't safe period. Moreover, I would be extremely wary of buying anything from a shady B2B site known to populated mostly by scammers.
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I've never heard of that product, but if I were looking for a skin whitening cream, I'd look at Makeup Artist's Choice. I'm pretty sure they carry them.

I've ordered several different things from them - TCA peels, Glycolic Acid peels, retinol, and everything has always been good, service is good, and they usually throw in a free sample.

* I do not work for Makeup Artist's Choice, nor am I in any way affiliated with them. In fact, I am somewhat selfish as to who I share them with, because I don't want everyone to know my secrets!
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Those lids and the St Dalfour logo come from a well-known jam company that doesn't have anything to do with whitening creams or other body products, and the labels are very much out of kilter, quality-wise, with the lids. Strikes me as a little fishy....
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