This lady is high...
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I saw a crazy labor and delivery video on youtube, can't find it now. The woman is having no pain, smiling and laughing. There might have been funny happy music playing.

Yes, I googled everything.

Beautiful blond woman, looking kind of Northern European, giving birth. She's smiling, laughing, seemingly in no pain at all. Doesn't look drugged out. Video quality was not that great, I think it was in black and white. It might have been on boingboing but I can't find it.

Any of these details might be false. Basically woman giving birth and totally not looking in pain.
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This unfortunately doesn't narrow it down that much. Could it have been a Hypnobirthing video?
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I think you're looking for orgasmic birth. There was a specific post on MeFi a while back that had video.
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I believe this is it. Unfortunately not available anymore and I can't google up the original.
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Is this it (NSFW)?. You can't watch it but I am at least able to see a screenshot.
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travis08, I think that's it. I'm surprised it's not available anymore.
posted by sully75 at 8:49 AM on January 21, 2010

Here's the previous Metafilter post. Unfortunately, the link on Youtube is now marked as private.
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