Korg D888 No Longer Overdubs
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Korg D888 multitrack recorder no longer overdubs

I have a Korg D888 hard disk recorder. When I first got it, I could overdub with no problem whatsoever. Now when I record or attempt to overdub, only channels 1 & 2 seem to appear in playback and I cannot overdub on channel 3. The other channels show recording, show input, and the little red light showing overmodulation will go off, but the extra channels won't playback at all, even though it appears that the channels recorded. A search of the Korg Forum comes up with several people complaining about the problem, but with none answering. I've read the manual over and over again, but do not understand the problem.

My roommate, who just dropped out of a master's program in recording engineering in Nashville cannot figure out the problem either.

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Not familiar with that particular model, bit I would try getting a can of De-Oxit and clean the hell out of it. I've had a few different DAWs that would act funny although the buttons all appeared to work correctly. A few good spray sessions with De-Oxit brought them back to normal. Sort of voodoo-ish I suppose, but it's worked for me.
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