Removing Yahoo search results from Firefox address bar search.
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When I search for something by typing keywords into the Firefox address bar, it directs me to Yahoo search results. It used to function more like Google's "I'm feeling lucky" option, and I'd like to get that functionality back instead of these incessant Yahoo search results.

To be clear, I am talking about the address bar that typically contains the URL for the current website, and not the search toolbar on the right. I am using the current version of Firefox 3, and am using a Mac, if that matters.
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Didn't FF make some noise recently about Google (which they get a lot of money from because of the FF-Google click-through love, so who knows) pissing them off with their privacy bullshit?

Anyway, try this hint to change the search bar search behaviour.
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Can you click just to the left of the search box and choose the search engine you want?
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1. type "about:config" into the address bar (without the quotes) and hit enter.
2. type "keyword" in the find field
3. double click keyword.URL
4. replace that URL with this:

That will make it give you Google results.

If you put in this:

then you get the "I'm Feeling Lucky" behavior.

More info:
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Another possibility is that your ISP has recently changed its DNS servers to redirect to Yahoo! search on DNS lookup failure, probably because Yahoo! is offering them a kickback. If intermod's suggestion doesn't solve the problem, try changing your computer's DNS to Google's.
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It gave me a regular google search result. Maybe there is something going on with your ISPs DNS servers. I had something like that come up with my ISP and I had to manually disable it. SO annoying.

What's actually in your keyword.URL bar?

The Chrome browser does this automagically.

Not if there's DNS hijacking going on.
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My ISP recently started doing this "to be helpful" and I've complained to them about it several times in live chat. Even when you "turn it off" it still doesn't restore normal functionality. It is INFURIATING.

For example, on an uncrippled Firefox browser you are able to type "wiki whatever" into the address bar and it will take you to the wikipedia page for "whatever". I can no longer do that.
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seconding kindall. at home I can type a keyword in my address bar and go to the first site that has it in the URL, but away from home, on different ISPs, I get Yahoo! results.
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CARLH - It sounds like your problem is exactly the same one I had with Comcast. I had to reboot the router and the cable modem to finally get it to take my "Turn it off". Had to completely unplug both of them. Finally fixed it and no problems since.
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Just a followup, I tried kindall's suggestions to switch mine to google's DNS and it appears to have worked!
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