Find me an observational stand-up comedy bit for a class
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Can you find me a clip from an observational comic that I can use in class tomorrow? I am looking specifically for a clip where a comic (relatively cleanly) notices some everyday annoyance and potentially notices a solution...

I am teaching a class in innovation, and one technique I want to discuss is attempting to notice everyday problems and come up with clever solutions - the way IDEO or similar design houses do. I thought it would be fun to illustrate with a YouTube-style clip from a stand-up comedian. I just need to find one.

A prime example (if not strictly observational in nature), is Steven Wright's old bit asking why airplanes are not made out of the same material as black boxes. But a standard Seinfeld-esque, "What's the deal with..." could work as well.

Help me, oh stand-up fans!
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Start reading XKCD . . . His comic is full of that kind of stuff.
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Response by poster: Sorry, I wasn't clear, I meant standup comic.
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This is my favorite seinfeld joke, via Kenny Bania:
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I feel like Mitch Hedburg would be perfect for this. I can't find one that matches perfectly right now, but I am reasonably assured that you will be able to. And you will be entertained while doing that.
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Brian Regan has a very funny and clean bit that's sort of along these lines, but from the other direction. He brings up peanut butter and jelly in the same jar and ridicules the "problem" that led to this "innovation".

Live performance, cel phone video

cleaner audio, still photo
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Suppose it's my job to mention Gallagher, with his idea to clear freeways of broken down cars. But I'll come up with something better...
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I know Demetri Martin does a bit where he sees a door marked 'Exit Only' and goes in the store and tells the owner, "Dude, you are greatly underestimating the potential of that door."
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Not entirely sure if this is in line with what you're looking for, but a good lesson on Perspective can be gained through the great observations of Louis CK.
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