Animation studios in the Pacific Northwest?
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Does anyone know any animation studios in the Pacific northwest?

I'm a recent college graduate and looking to make a move from the Midwest. I am trying to get any jobs/internships possible- and preferably in the pacific northwest. I've never been there, and i dont have many friends from the area. I've done a lot of searching to try and find studios in Portland/Seattle areas, but havent really come up with that many.

I specialize in 2D, Motion-graphics, hand drawn, and a little 3D - so im looking for something more on the artsy side than the 3d-medical-animation side.

I know there has to be more than what i've been able to come up with. It might be a long shot, but does anyone know the names of some Animation studios in this area??

Thank you so much
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Laika is in Tualatin, about 10 miles from Portland. More.
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You might try Laika, I see some job listings from them here and there. There are also some game companies in that general area but I'm not sure if they're hiring. I am a 3D generalist and am currently job-hunting as well.

Are you hooked up on Creative Heads or Gamasutra yet?
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If you include Vancouver in that, they have a fair amount of animation work going on. Rainmaker is the first shop to come to mind. EA also does a lot of stuff up there if game work is within your scope.
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Laika laid off a ton of people (including one of my friends) last year so I'm not sure that's the best bet (but my friend was not an animator.)

Flying Rhino is an animation studio that does educational software and commercial work. Don't know anything about them (except I remember their building from work I did back in the 2000s.)
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Bent Image Lab is based in Portland, OR.
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Will Vinton studios is in Portland. They did the California raisins, they do the M&M commercials.
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FYI - Will Vinton became Laika.
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I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but popcap games is located in Seattle, and they appear to be hiring.
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