Tasty coconut treats?
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Looking for Cleveland Coconut Bar recipe

Asking for a friend, who would like a recipe for a Cleveland style coconut bar. So, first off, he has Googled a lot, and has not found a satisfactory recipe on the Google. What he says about the Google results: I know that recipe *says* it's the Hough chocolate coconut bar, but it's really just an Australian lamington, which is not the same thing. Cleveland coconut bars are almost liquidy on the inside, and don't have a solid outer icing.

With that in mind, does anyone happen to have a recipe for these bars, maybe kicking around an old family recipe notecard or old cookbook?
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Didn't realize coconut bars were a Cleveland delicacy, just something you ate at Christmastime.

I found a recipe on google, but it is probably the recipe you said was not the real thing. I looked in some local-type cookbooks, but to my memory everyone buys them at bakeries, so their recipe is for 30 at a time.
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You could try your question here.
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