How can I get groceries delivered to my house by tomorrow morning?
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I live downtown Toronto and have a wicked fever, an empty pantry, and want to find a grocery store that will deliver some staples to my apartment--ideally by tomorrow morning.

I've checked Longo's, Front Door Organics, and Mr. Case. I'm not looking for a food box type of setup--just something last minute and for tomorrow. What do the elderly and infirm do.... there must be something?
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I checked Grocery Gateway (the delivery arm of Longo's), but their earliest delivery time right now is 6-9 AM Thursday.

Are you a regular at a corner store that stocks some staples? If you call them directly and offer a premium of, say, $10 to bring you something to get through tomorrow, would that work for you?
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I'm in Kitchener but some of the Shoppers around here will deliver .. pharmacy and anything else they sell at that store. So if you've got a 24hr shoppers you're in business. All the Shoppers around here have a small grocery section now.

Good luck and I hope you feel better.
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In the US, Safeway does deliveries.

I can't tell from the website if that's true for their Canadian equivalent because I don't know what a Canadian postal code looks like, so I can't get past the first web page.

Safeway Canada
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The Shoppers at 465 Yonge is open 24 hours and can be called at 416-408-4000. Just ask if they have groceries and if they deliver.
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Response by poster: Weaslegirl, thank-you! Shoppers only delivers prescriptions at night, but will deliver other items after 8am. Hurray!

Thanks again.
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Response by poster: on preview: thanks to maudlin too!
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Yay! I knew it was gonna payoff to be an insomniac one of these days! I'm glad that worked out - hope you have a restful night despite the fever. ;o)
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I was seriously considering going over there with a pot of soup or something. Hope you feel better soon.

The tip that Shoppers delivers is true genius. I'm keeping that in mind next time I get beef-pork-soybean flu.
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If none of this works out, offer a gig on craigslist. I'm sure some college kid will want to make 20 bucks to deliver you some groceries
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