Straighten my cane!
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No, not like that, dirty Gurty! How do I straighten 12 bamboo / river cane rods (about 7' in length), all at the same time? Please note, I am not above making a simple machine to get the job done.

I have quite a lot of river cane growing on my property. I'd like to cut and straighten a bunch of it for a building project. But, it has to be really, really straight.

I've had good luck straightening it with an electric stove burner and some gloves but that takes too long. And it's boring!

I'm wondering -- how do people who are in the cane-straightening business do it? Steam box? Convection? Rollers?

I had an idea to put it in a giant gas line tube, heat that up with a torch or something and then roll it out between two sheets of plywood.
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Peg-board jig and a heat gun? I don't know if that would qualify as "really, really" straight though.
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Don't know much about bamboo straightening. Maybe try soaking/ steaming them until they're good and wet, then hang them with a weight attached at the lower end. Let them dry. Not sure how big the diameter is. They might have to dry slowly though. Just a thought.
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Make a steam box from stove pipe,after the bamboo gets pliable stack it in corrugated steel roofing to hold it straight.
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Response by poster: Has anyone used a steambox for bamboo/cane? I kind of want to make one for the heck of it but don't really want to if it won't work.
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Response by poster: PS: My dad found that holding the cane right above a cookstove's propane flame worked quickly and efficiently. Not exactly a mass production situation but a lot faster than using an electric burner, apparently.
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