Looking for examples of good photographic websites
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Websites for professional photographers and artist photographers are needed for my review. I am about to build my own website, and would like to see as many examples; via their links, as possible.

Just start dropping links.

Though the content need not be a barometer of what I am looking for in a website design, it is certainly appreciated when taken into consideration.

Thanks so much!
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Well, feel free to look at my site. (link in profile) Its probably a good example of what not to do with a website... although it does work fine for ME. But whatever you do, please do the world a favor and do not use any crazy flash or side-scrolling. I can't stand that stuff.

Here's a couple others to look at too...
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that is, www.annefletcherphotography.com
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Also, PLEASE don't include music that launches when you enter the site. I close the site and move on immediately when I encounter that.
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Feel free to look at mine. I'm moderately happy with it, if you define "happy" as being "I'm glad I finally got it into a form that kind of works for now." I still don't consider it finished.
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siteInspire.net theme: Photography.
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Response by poster: Yawper:

I enjoyed your site very much- plus I went to your blog. Thank you.
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(*) Indicates an especially good website
non flash sites:
Amy Stein*
Christopher Wahl
Derek Shapton
Jaime Hogge*
Phillip Toledano*
Rachel Hulin*
Terry Richardson

flash sites:
Chris Buck
Chris Woods
Hans Sipma
Kwaku Alston
Mark Zibert*
Olaf Blecker*
Phillip Toledano (Days with my Father project)
Westside Studio*

Also check out the PDN Self Promo Awards for "award winning" websites/digital promo
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Smugmug caters to professional photographers. They offer three different types of account. See their examples page for links to several example sites.
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This is my mother-in-law: Laura Domela.

She does mostly portrait photography, and I've always liked her site.
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Just go to Blackbook or Workbook and start clicking. You can filter it by region and specialty.

Also I get a lot of compliments on my portfolio for being so simple.
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Here's my bookmark file, kept for the same reason. FWIW, I like side scrolling. (Sry for not linking)

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You're going to build a photo site?

I work at a photo agency and have advised a lot of artists on websites.

The single most important factor in a website is that is has a content management system, a back end where you can upload and rearrange photos yourself. If you can't do that easily, you won't. It should be as easy as Flickr to add and change, drag and drop.

I recommend aPhotoFolio because it was designed by a former photo director who really, really knows what clients want out of a site. He constantly adds new services and allows you to change the design at least one time for free. Unlimited storage.

Its $1000 straight up, with monthly hosting fees. Cheaper than livebooks, and way, way better. If you're not going to be able to spend that much money, at least use that as a the benchmark to judge the other services. Places like Dripbook are decent.

I don't recommend having a friend build you a site. If you have to email someone every time you need a change, you won't do it.

Finally, looking at your images, what exactly are you trying to accomplish with your own site? Do you make money with your photography? If you don't already, then making a new site won't magically bring in paying clients. Who is your audience? Can you honestly justify spending $500 or more on a site that may or may not get you calls?

The funny thing about commercial photography these days is that sites are now so cheap that anyone can make one, and the focus has shifted back onto printed portfolios. You should start by reading as many posts as you can here.

Finally, do a gut check. It is really easy to spend money on a site, but really tough to become a better photographer. Keep your priorities straight.
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Thomas Fitzgerald Photography.

I browse his site from time to time and really enjoy it. Especially his blog.
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felixrust.com. Also take a look at it on your iPhone ( or other mobile device) two very different experiences.
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Luning Photo
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Captainsohler: I'm so glad you liked the site, but I can't take any credit for it; it's not me! Josee is a photographer I have used in the past.
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