Softmod a Wii that already has a WiiFree modchip in it?
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I have a Wii modded with a WiiFree from 2007. New games aren't playing friendly with this. Can I softmod the Wii without removing the chip? Or should I take it to a pro and get the old chip taken out and replaced with a new one?

Bought a Wii in 2007, modded it and had tons of fun with the games available at that time. For various reasons I put the Wii in storage and haven't tried games released since 2008 or so. Now I brought it back out and none of the burned discs for new games (MarioKart Wii, Punch Out, New Super Mario Bros., etc.) will play. They all show the error message "Error #0001, unauthorized device detected." Legitimate Wii discs play perfectly fine.

I've done some googling and found out that there now ways to soft-mod the Wii. Can I successfully do this on a Wii that already has a chip in there? Or do I have to take the WiiFree chip out so that the new games won't detect it? Should I take it to a pro and get the WiiFree replaced with a current-gen chip (one that can be updated with software) that will get past the protection on these new games?

I am asking the question anonymously because of obvious concerns about the legality of this.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: This is too close for comfort on asking how to pirate games -- mathowie

It seems to be pretty complicated, with different steps required depending on the firmware version of your Wii. My modded Wii started to take exception to a lot of the newer games too.

The thing that worked for me was installing the Homebrew Channel (which I managed to do without the Twilight Hack, presumably because my console was modded), then using a thing called Trucha Bug Restorer to load a cIOS (custom IOS, a modified version of a Wii operating system file). This allows me to use a thing called Gecko OS to launch games from discs, the benefit of this being that it will (I think) bypass any system updates and disc checks that might prevent my Wii from working. I may have my explanation ass-backwards though, because it took a lot of trial and error to get it all working.

I don't think there's any actual need to de-mod (if that's the word) your Wii. But be prepared to do lots of reading at Wiihacks.
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Legitimate Wii discs play perfectly fine.

Don't be too sure that they'll continue to do so. My modded Wii most definitely doesn't work with many recent legitimate discs, which is why I've had to monkey about with soft-modding.
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Yes you can softmod a modded Wii. It's probably easier to keep up to date this way rather than waiting for mod chip updates which are few and far between.
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issues of piracy aside, softmodding is dead easy and, once you've done so, there's not much reason to ever need to put a disc in the drive again.
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