Help me start my letterpress printing business
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I have recently purchased a Heidelberg Windmill platten press and am starting a letterpress and design company. I am a Graphic Designer by trade so I have the skill, all I am lacking is some insight into creating a solid business plan and help with suppliers etc... within Canada. What experience do you have with getting plates made in Canada? Do you use Polymer plates? Ink Suppliers? Paper Suppliers? Getting die's made? Any information above and beyond is much appreciated.
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This doesn't answer your question specifically, but I recently did some research on letterpress-related stuff and I came across a few links that may be of some help: (the have a yellow pages section and a discussion forum that might have more people to point you in the right direction) is a business within Canada that has a lot of stuff for sale (I understand that they are quite popular in the letterpress community as suppliers)

Good luck!
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Response by poster: Both great sites... I actually bought my press from Don Black.

Thanks :)
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