Amusez ma bouche s'il vous plait
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So I bought some new and very cool looking amuse bouche spoons and glasses but except for one amuse that I made up (pomelo, tiger prawn, avocado and mint), I am somewhat stuck... So bring it on mefis, what are your favorite, memorable or just plainly wow-inducing amuse bouche concoctions?
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Best answer: Many of the recipes from the restaurant Alinea are amuse-sized, and lots are served on spoons. Here's a bunch of them. Complicated, but should offer a lot of good ideas on how to transform food so that it layers nicely on a spoon.
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Best answer: I was once called on to make an amuse bouche at fairly short notice for a Proust dinner. My "course-partner" and I:

1. Got some fresh figs, cut them in half and hollowed them out a little
2. Took a zip-lock bag, cut a hole in the corner, and fitted it with a pastry tip
3. Bought a chunk of Cambozola, removed the rind, put it in the bag, and mashed it up
4. Piped the cheese into the depressions in the fig (and on top)
5. Garnished with smallish mint leaves

We called them "Fig-Mints of the Imagination"

You could do the same thing with dates, swap out other soft cheeses, use different herbs, etc. The plastic bag makes clean up way easier than using a pastry bag.
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Best answer: First thought is something with an amazing broth.

Thoughts on amazing broth based amuse bouche:

warm wild mushroom ragout with chilled beef carpaccio

Foie gras with loganberry (blackberry, or whatever berries are in season) on a brioche crouton

halibut cheek spiced with pimentone and ratatouille

Braised pork belly with kimchi

If you want help with any of these recipes, I can brainstorm. These were just ideas that came to me thinking about amuse bouche.
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Best answer: We've often served a salmon tatare as an amuse bouche (similar to this recipe , minus the putting on toast step), and it works well with a variety of herbs

Also, a thin slice of aubergine, curved around a mixture of cooked diced mushrooms, walnuts, and whatever fresh herbs work for you, and fastened with a toothpick to look like a little ice cream coronet, topped with a tiny bitof sour cream or yoghurt....

Also, we were recently served with a chilled celery soup shot, which was awesomely good.
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Crème brûlée.
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Best answer: I recently had a really delicious amuse bouche of duck with orange.
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