thai food in denver?
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What are some great Thai places in Denver, specifically in Cherry Creek or downtown?

My sister-in-law just moved to Denver for a sweet job. She loves Thai food, but doesn't know her way around much. Any suggestions on Thai restaurants in Cherry Creek or downtown?

Prefer something upscale-but-authentic. Will accept any advice you have.
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I don't know anywhere down in Cherry Creek/downtown. However, I have to recommend Pearl of Siam at Hampden+Tower in Aurora. I ate there on a whim in December, and it was easily the best Thai food I've had in CO. Rivals some of my favorite places in the SF Bay Area.

It's not really upscale, though, but it is really really delicious. Worth a trip at some point.
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There seem to be a lot of places listed here that garner favorable rankings, but I don't have any personal experience eating Thai in Denver.
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I don't know how close to "downtown" you're looking for, but I can enthusiastically recommend Chada Thai on 17th and Race St. Bonus is that it's next door to 1) The Thin Man (a nifty martini bar/hangout type spot) and 2) St. Mark's, which is quite possibly the most atmospheric hippie (and hipster) filled coffeehouse that side of Colfax, and 3) Il Posto, a superb Italian place.

I only know all this, of course, because I used to live six blocks away and rode my bike there for dinner on a frequent basis :)
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It's not on that end of town, but I can tell you from direct experience with most of the Thai food in Denver that the best Thai restaurant in the city is US Thai, near 25th and Sheridan. They're really and truly fantastic - outstanding prices, a great little family restaurant, and the cook is hospitable almost to a fault. (They also happen to have the worst site on the internet. Heh.) It's not downtown - it's on the west side - but it's very close: only about two miles from the city center, and much closer to downtown than Cherry Creek is, if that helps.
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I live in Aurora, so my Thai recommendations are out. I can tell you an amazing Japanese place downtown if her love translates to other Asian cuisines though: Domo.
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I've heard lots of good things about US Thai, but haven't been yet. Parallel 17 has tasty thai fusion and a good happy hour.
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Nthing Domo for Japanese. It is unlike any other asian restaurant I have been too.
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been to* before.
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Parallel 17 is primarily Vietnamese, but delicious and hip. The Pho at lunch is memorable. Chada Thai is a very good neighborhood Thai place, though not upscale. There are a few others: Swing Thai, a local chain of fast serve Thai (decent food, but merely adequate, barely Thai), Thai Basil on 18th near the hospitals (haven't been in awhile, but always good quality), Tuk Tuk at Grant and 6th (fast serve Thai, very yummy, but best as take out). I LOVED J's Noodles on South Federal. Unbelievable food, horrible location.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I'll pass on the word and mark some good answers when I get a report back from my sisterinlaw
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