Moving Trucks in Washington DC
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Rental Truck in Washington DC

I don't think I've ever had a good experience renting a u-haul or Ryder truck. Can someone recommend a reasonably close rental truck company to the Columbia Heights neighborhood in Washington DC?
I'd rather drive 20 miles outside of DC if it means reasonable lines and competent employees.
The reviews on are horrible. Any help is appreciated. This is for a one way move.
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I don't know about DC specifically, but for truck rentals Penske is the cream of the crop. The difference between them and U-haul are night and day.
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Please don't use Budget Trucks. I had a truck reserved with them for two weeks. The day before I was supposed to pick it up, the place where I had reserved it said they wouldn't have one. After hours of trying get things straightened out, I ended up having to drive out to Gaithersburg, MD (35 miles from where I was supposed to pick it up!) to get one. Full story of my horrible Budget experience on Yelp.

I have heard good tings about Penske as well.
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This summer I rented a 16' Penske truck for a move from DC to WI. I went to the Rockville location. I recommend it enthusiastically.
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Please note that Ryder no longer does consumer rentals.
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After being burned by the Budget location on Rhode Island Avenue, Penske (out by Landmark Mall in Alexandria) saved the day for me. If you have a Penske reservation, it's a guaranteed truck.
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I've had several good experiences with the Uhaul in SW. Easy walking distance from either Watefront or Navy Yard metro.

(I can't believe I'm actually recommending a rental place, but this one actually has been good to me and my friends...)
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Go with Penkse. Do not use U-Haul. These recommendations come specifically from moving in downtown DC. The specific place I got the Penske was somewhere in the Georgetown area, though I cannot seem to find the exact location on their website.
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I used the U-Haul located on Bladensburg Road about a half mile from the Bladensburg/NY Avenue crossroads (where Hog's on the Hill and the KFC/Taco bell are).

They have overnight drop off and it was reasonably cheap. I had no problems.

I moved from downtown to Columbia Heights with no problem.
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I have used the U-Haul on Columbia Pike twice with no problems. It's kinda far down Columbia Pike, though.
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Response by poster: Thanks folks. We'll try Penkse. Booked a truck in Arlington for the same price as a U-Haul.
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