I'm having burning problems with Toast, specifically, space remaining.
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I'm trying to burn a mix of mp4 and avi files with Roxio Toast Titanium 9 as a data cd. The blank DVDs I'm trying to use are RiData, 8x DVD-R, with 4.7 GB of free space. Each of the files I am trying to burn is about 350 MB.

The problem is that the space remaining always shows up as zero bytes, and Toast shows that it will span something crazy like 400 discs.

I've tried different blank DVDs, and also opened them to see if I accidentally tried with a DVD that was already burned, but they're blank. I also tried trashing the preferences file. No joy.

I'm new to Mac (this Mini is my first), so I may be overlooking something pretty basic.
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Have you specified DATA DVD as opposed to DVD VIDEO?

Sounds like that would be the issue here. DVD VIDEO results in conversion with some programs, which would explain the spanning of numerous discs.
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VIDEO DVD, DVD VIDEO, same thing.
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Don't use Toast. Use the Mac OS integrated burning capablities. Right click in a finder window and create a "New Burn Folder", drag all files to that location (its really only links to the files, they aren't actually copied there). You'll get a handy "burn" button at the top of the Finder window that will initiate the burn.
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ijoyner has your answer. There is no reason to use Toast to burn a data DVD. None. Though, on my SnowLeopard iMac, "New Burn Folder" is only found when, in the Finder, I mouse to the Edit drop-down, not when right-clicking in a window.
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And if you're averse to using the Finder, there's a slick free app called Burn that may help you accomplish this task.
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Response by poster: Bra-VO ijoyner and Thorzdad. That accomplished a couple of quick disk I am dropping off in the mail tomorrow. This had to be a quick job and it worked admirably well. Fast. perfect rip and no fiddling about. Finito.

Ultimately I'm going to want to find something like DVDShrink for the mac, something that will allow me edit, cutting out as much as I can to save as much quality and space as I can.

I'd also like to do a sort of photo video and scrapbook for my parents and I have no ideas what tools to use there.

I love my mac, but this has been one of the worst parts...finding some mac software doesn't even come close to functioning on a windows level.

Anyone know where I can take classes in Seattle for someone who's interested in hobby programing?

MrBarrret, I have a vague memory of having once used Burn, and I think I liked it . I don't know why I"m not using it now. I may look into that again for a longer term solution.
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Response by poster: Oh, to answer dinx, yeah, I get what you're saying. I double-checked that a few times. :) It was trying to read as Data only. I couldn't have done it as a DVD anyway because I had a mix of avi and mp4 files.
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Response by poster: You guys rock. The native burn application works perfectly.

But the mystery deepens. I'd wanted to compress one of my movies, so I tried using DVD2One, and got the same error I was getting with Toast. Clearly something is wrong with my machine.

Still, for now the native burn is doing the job for most things.
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