Experiences with chemotherapy drug, Xeloda.
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My father starts both radiation and chemotherapy tomorrow for colorectal cancer. For chemo, he has been prescribed Xeloda - which is taken orally. Can anyone share their experiences with this drug? It's noted that Xeloda is well-tolerated by patients, but I wondering what that exactly means in terms of real-life experience vs the pamphlets and website.
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I am so sorry about your Dad. My Dad is battling cancer as well, and I've found three forums to be very helpful:

  • cancerforums.net
  • healingwell.com
  • cancer survivors network

    You may get more personal feedback at those sites - the healingwell forums are especially active. Sending good thoughts to your dad.

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    Someone I know very well took this for 6 months for colon cancer after an operation to remove a tumour. She didn't have any radiation treatment.

    From what I can recall, the main side-effect she got was fairly painful Hand & Foot Syndrome - this basically made her feet fairly painful and sore so walking around became very tiring. She also had some fatigue and and a general lack of energy.
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    I know someone who took this for breast cancer. She got a pretty bad case of hand and foot syndrome. It helped her to wear socks and shoes that tied, and to use a good creamy moisturizer, like Aquaphor. Make sure your dad always takes his meds with food, preferably something starchy and fatty.
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    Response by poster: As a follow-up to this, my dad is entering his last week of a 6 Week cycle of Xeloda and Radiation. We've been lucky in the sense that he has had little to no side effects, besides sleeping a ton more than usual.

    Thanks to those of you who answered, it was much appreciated.
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    That's cool, good to hear there were minimal side-effects, even with the radiation on top of the Xeloda. Hope your dad recovers quickly.
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