Child-proofing an HDTV?
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I'm looking for the best way to child-proof an LCD HDTV, considering that wall-mounting is not an option.

We have two kids, aged 3 and 5, and are looking for the best way to child-proof an LCD TV. We currently have an LCD HDTV downstairs, mounted on the wall above a cabinet containing the related components (receiver, PS3). This has worked well, since the cabinet locks, and the TV is secured to the wall. However, we are planning on getting another LCD TV to go upstairs, and due to the configuration of our living room, including the location of walls, plugs and satellite outputs, wall-mounting this one isn't really an option.

I've looked at various cabinets and stand, but so far haven't found anything I'm really thrilled with. I have seen some, like this style that are nice because they have a mount for the TV, but I haven't been able to find one like that which also has locking (or any) doors for the components. And, most of the ones with locking doors don't have the mounting brackets available.

I'm mainly concerned about preventing the TV from tipping over onto a child and hurting them. I would also like to keep the components locked away so they can't bother them. What is my best option, other than wall-mounting?
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I use these with a normal TV stand. Not sure how big your new TV is, but these stick to the back of my 42 inch and the other side goes in the studs on the wall. It's got clips to unattach if I need to move it, but other than that, it's not going anywhere.
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My most recent LCD TV actually had a screw for the base which would allow it to screw down onto its stand.

Granted you have to screw onto some furniture type piece but that may help?
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I struggled with this too, and then found an "HDTV Strap Kit" that I learned was just some webbing and screws. About $4 later and a trip to Lowes and Joanne's Fabric I had made my own. I pushed the two metric bolts with washers on either side through the webbing on one end, and the same on the other except drywall screws mounted into the studs.

I bought this cabinet (google cache, says OOS where I bought it) , and our 19 month old has yet to figure out how to open it, but once she does I'll just use a standard childproof strap around the knobs.
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And I took too long to post - my fix was a DIY version of IanMorr's link.
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Don't overlook the utility of conditioning your kids to respect the TV. Starting when we were toddlers, my brother and I received continuous warnings about four things: not playing at the top of the stairs, not playing near the fireplace bricks, not screwing around with each other while using a q-tip lest you shove it through your eardrum (happened to my mom), and not playing around the decorative cornucopia vases that belonged to my great grandmother lest we break them. The constant reminders and warnings were so effective that even to this day I freeze if someone near me is using a q-tip and I still slow down when I'm walking past the cornucopias.
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What about something like this? This is just one of the options from Ikea - they have a few. The drawers/cabinets don't lock, but could easily be fitted w/ childproof locks.
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Why not get standard mounting hardware (meant for the walls), but mount it inside a cabinet instead? It won't topple over and maybe you'll have more flexibility for positioning the screen than you would otherwise inside a cabinet.
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My brilliant husband screwed ours to the ikea tv cart/stand thing. Then took my hint, went out and bought a piece of plexiglass and some Velcro adhesive strips. Velcro'ed the plexiglass shield to the front of the tv and voilĂ ! It's nice not having to yell or get the occasional sticker off of an HDTV screen. Plexiglass handles moist little handprints better.
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We've got a tvstand that has sidewalls, and my plan for non-viewing time is to put up a baby gate directly in front of the TV, using the walls for pressure.
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The Sony Bravia I received last Chrstmas has a hole (and maybe supplied bolt) to drill into the console to prevent it from tipping over. YHDTVMV. Good luck.
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I agree with phunniemee, don't overlook the aspect of constant reminders that the TV and related components are not toys and are not to be touched. That said, I don't know your kids (my 4 and 2 year olds are pretty good about following the rules) and if accidentally tipping the TV is a big concern I would definitely recommend on of the wall strap things, just in case.
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Thanks, IanMorr, we looked at all the answers here and decided to go with the safety straps you recommended, along with just a normal TV stand. Thanks to all the other people who answered as well; they gave me a lot to consider.
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