I want to dance all night in Los Angeles.
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What gay bar/club should I go to in Los Angeles?

I'm going to be in LA this week with a gay (male) friend. I am female, if that's relevant. We want to go out dancing, at a gay bar or club. We're in our 30s. I prefer dance/pop/electronic music.

Suggestions? I don't want anyplace that's too sceney, of course, I understand we may be stuck with that. We're probably going to go out on Tuesday or Wednesday night.

If there's a place that has excellent music but has a mixed crowd, I am also open to that.

(Location is a non-issue, just looking for the best place. I'm familiar with LA.)
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AKBAR!! Oh my god I love this place. It is in Silverlake, so it has a small mix of some hipster trash, but for the most part it is really a super fun place.
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Seconding that Akbar is fun, also atmospheric, not too sceney, and has reasonably priced drinks and no cover.
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Too bad you just missed A Club Called Rhonda. It's the best monthly party there is for underground gay electro among an age-mixed crowd.

That being said, Akbar is indeed your second-best bet. This weekend will be Steve Cunningham (hi-NRG house and club remixes) on Friday and the legendary Jonny Cota (co-founder of Skin Graft designs), who's the best DJ they've got and spins an array of underground electro, new wave, hip-hop, and indie stuff. Anytime Jonny plays, the floor is packed by 11 and there's no letting up.
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