Please recommend a Mumbai tailor
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Please recommend a tailor in Mumbai.

I'm going to be in Mumbai for 5 days. I'd like to get suits and shirts tailored while there. I'd like to hear any recommendations you have for tailors you've used (or had recommended to you) and, if possible, what sort of prices I should expect. Is it better / worse / cheaper than Hong Kong, where, in the past, I've gotten satisfactory suits and shirts for around $300-400 / $20-30 each?
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Response by poster: I meant to mention two more things. First, I'll be staying in Apollo Bundar and would appreciate if you have recommendations for tailors in the vicinity (Fort, Nariman Point, Colaba), but will travel if need be. Second, I've heard from some people that you should buy fabric separately and then pay someone to tailor the suit. Have you done this? If so, where did you buy the fabric, and were you more satisfied with the result?
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Regarding the fabric purchase: I had two suits made in Bangalore last fall, and every single person I asked told me to buy the fabric before entering India. Not sure why, but it was a universal recommendation (to be clear: these were Indian businessmen telling me this).

So I took the advice, and used material from Saudi.
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I've asked a couple friends from Mumbai. One has replied:
Raymonds is a reliable brand and their stores have tailors available

I got my wedding suit stitched from there

Back in 2004, it was around $500 I think
but that included the material
Will let you know if I hear from the other guy
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Second friend has replied:
staying near colaba...thats where I grew up

Raymonds is the best, I always go there

you can get smaller, 2 people mom and pop type places but Raymonds quality is unbeatable and you can get the cloth from them too...not sure why he would get it from outside
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