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What is the best roman chair (for back extension exercises)?

My gym has an inverted V, with a variable length from legs to the top of the notch, used for back extension exercises. To be honest, I don't know the difference between this and a roman chair.

I would like this piece of equipment for every day use. Several stores have a few, but people complain a lot about the pads, or the adjustability. I am 6'3", so this is where your personal testimony comes in. I want to spend less than $275, and to have zero excuses for not being compatible with the equipment.

Bonus points for 30 return guarantee. Thanks!
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Call or write the guys at EliteFTS. They're all huge (obviously) and between them have probably used every roman chair on the planet.
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The Starting Strength forums would be another good place to ask.
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The only answer you'll probably get anywhere will be the Reverse Hyper. Unfortunately it starts around 600.00, but every (non-commercial) article I've read about this piece of equipment says it is one of the best exercise machines around. It's above your price range but you could either get the specs and have a machinist make you one or you could try to do it yourself like this guy. My other suggestion is to start doing what is either called a Natural Glute Ham Raise or Reverse Leg Curls, all you need is something to lock in your ankles.
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Response by poster: My modern desire for the "best" kind of got the better of me here. The reverse hyper sounds like a neat project, but I just critically examined the reviews at Amazon, and chose the brand that got extra stars for being stable (Powerline). It was cheapish, and allows me to do my single exercise without excuse. It also happens to look exactly like the thing at the gym.
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