Art historians/enthusiasts: Help me find this (18th c, european) painting?
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I saw a painting that really intrigued me, but I forgot its title and author immediately. In this painting, a stately man sits at a desk, and there's a globe in the picture, but also a really indistinct object which looks wrong in some way - the perspective seems off somehow, its coloration - until you look at it from a more acute angle relative to the painting, at which point it makes more visual sense. It might have been titled 'diplomats' something or other.
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I think it was The Ambassadors by Holbein. It's got a skull in the foreground painted in a different perspective.
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Yep, seconding The Ambassadors. When you walk all the way to the right, the weird smear is clearly a skull.

It's in Britain's National Gallery.
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The skull is a memento mori, a reminder of death and the ultimate insignificance of these momentarily powerful and privileged people. Great painting.
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The technique of rendering objects like the skull in The Ambassadors is perspective anamorphosis, BTW.
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The Brothers Quay made a great and typically weird short film on anamorphosis (called ... Anamorphosis, and available on this disc) which spends a good deal of time on The Ambassadors.
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I am so pleased with you guys. Thank you, esp. to Nedroid.
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