Things to do in Knoxville in April with an almost 2 year old?
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Things to do in Knoxville in April with an almost 2 year old?

My wife and I are looking into travelling to Knoxville for a week in April with our son, who will be almost 2 at that time. We'd be staying with her parents at the Wyndham Smoky Mountains timeshare. None of us has ever been there before. What activities are there to do in the area that would be fun with a 2 year old?
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Don't kid yourself that a 2-year-old is going to lay down much in the way of permanent memories of the holiday. Also don't kid yourself that they are going to have anything more than a 2-year-old's attention span and tolerance for boring stuff, though hopefully they will sometimes sit quietly in a moving stroller lost in their own world.

So I would plan some things to do because the adults will enjoy watching the child experience them -- like splashing in water and going to the zoo, a few adult things that can be done with a stroller, and then give the grandparents the special treat of babysitting all on their own while you and your wife go off for what is probably rather rare alone-together-time.
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