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Are there any major Hollywood actors who take roles in Bollywood films?

I just came across the fact that Rex Harrison played a character in a Hindi film in 1978, and was both surprised and impressed. But maybe this is more common than I think.
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Kylie Minogue was in Blue; Sylvester Stallone, Denise Richards and Brandon Routh were all in Incredible Love. I'm sure there are more...
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It happens very rarely, and most of the roles (like Kylie Minogue's) are more like brief appearances, perhaps for a song. Example: Snoop Dogg was in a song with Akshay Kumar in the film "Singh is Kingg."

Also, before Ali Larter joined Heroes, she starred opposite Salman Khan in a very unfortunate film called "Marigold."
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Not *exactly* what you are asking, but I worked on the movie Bollywood Hero which is based on the story of Chris Kattan going to India to become a huge Bollywood star. It was a three part miniseries, but included a lot of over the top dance scenes and musical numbers. About half of the movie was actually filmed on location in India.
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I'm not sure Rachel Shelley would fit your description of a major Hollywood actor, but she did have a long run on The L Word and has done quite a few movies. At any rate, she was once in a movie called Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India, which IMDB indicates is a "Bollywood" movie.
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Dude, it's not just "a" Bollywood movie, it's one of the best movies I have ever seen. Go rent it now!
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Response by poster: Seems like it's pretty rare. I guess most Bollywood films don't have a budget that would allow for the hiring of major Western movie stars.

But it's still weird to me that it hasn't happened more --- some Western actors probably should jump on this train. If what you want is worldwide recognition and fame, then it might be worth taking a pay cut to widen your audience base.

Lagaan is now saved in my Netflix queue
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Serendipity: Today it was announced that Ben Kingsley will star in a Bollywood film that will be released next month, and it looks like he'll star in another one that will come out next year.
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How apropos, since Kingsley (née Krishna Pandit Bhanji) is half Gujarati.
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