How long will it take Apple to fix a fan problem on a MBP?
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How will Apple fix this problem with my laptop's fan (possibly logic board and/or hard drive), and how long will it take?

13.3" MacBook Pro, 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, purchased new in October 2009 from an Apple Store in the US.

I noticed the other day iStat Pro was showing my MacBook Pro's fan speed to be 0rpm. The fan wasn't appearing to run in other programs. It wasn't working even after resetting the PRAM, either.

I checked out the situation in the Apple Hardware Test, and got this error: 4MOT/1/40000002: Exhaust-0

Googling shows this to be a fan problem like I figured, however, some forums have posters saying that the logic board (and even the hard drive) should also be replaced. It's under warranty so it's no skin off my nose financially, but the semester started last week and I need a working computer for school.

I'm bringing it into the Apple Store tomorrow. What exactly will they want to replace? How long is this going to take?
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Best answer: I work at an Apple Store, AND I recently had a fan replaced myself.

If they have the part in stock, it'll probably be a quick repair. Depending on their workload, they'll probably turn it around in about 24 hours, or a couple of days or so if you're unlucky and end up in a rush with a lot of other serious repairs. It also depends on how big the store is/how many Geniuses they have on staff.

If they DON'T have the part in stock, it could take a few days more while they order it. In that case, they'll probably give you the option to come back and drop the machine off when the part comes in.

If replacing the fan doesn't fix the thing, it'll take a little bit longer. They'd probably replace the logic board after that, though I'm not sure. I'm just a Specialist, and don't know all the details of repair procedure.

Good luck!
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Best answer: Repair turnaround is usually on the shorter end of 3-5 days, unless there are part shortages. You have a fairly new model of laptop, so a part shortage is going to be less likely.
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Make sure you're backed up, NOW. A fan error could lead to overheating and component failure. And the computer could be damaged or lost -- small chance, but possible -- in the repair process.

Apple's mail in repair on a job like this will have the machine back to you in 2-3 days max.
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I had to have my logic board in my MacBook Pro replaced last year. I had it repaired and returned within a week. No problems since.

As an aside, I highly recommend getting the applecare extended warranty. It has saved my ass and my wallet on a few occasions.
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Best answer: When I've had a similar problem the genius at my local Apple Store diagnosed the problem and because the store was backed up, they sent it to the repair depot. They gave me a choice of having it sent back to the store or shipped directly to my house. In my case they replaced both fans as well as the logic board. I was without my computer for may 72 hours but about 10 of that was due to me not being able to get down to the Apple Store to pick it up.

But as said above, back up your stuff before you turn it over to them. Odds are your data will be safe but they make no guarantees. As part of the work order you have to initial or check a box saying you backed it up and/or won't hold Apple liable if they lose your data.
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