Tall size undershirts that ship to Canada
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Calling all shopping assassins: I need to buy some tall size undershirts that ship to Canada.

I am looking for large tall (LT) crew neck undershirts in grey or black.
Canada doesn't have enough big and tall clientele per-capita for this stuff to be widely available here and I'm not familiar enough with American department stores to know where to look, but suffice to say, the googles, they do nothing!
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There is an excellent Big and Tall men's shop in Hamilton Ontario called Gilberts (On King Street West). ( http://www.gilbertsbigandtall.ca/ ) If you call them I believe they will ship to you. Excellent quality and service but expensive. Marks Work Wearhouse carries large tall. (I am assuming you are in Canada.) Have you tried Moore's? I have been around large tall men all my life (6'2" to 6'7") and they all shop in Canada. Hope this is helpful (You didn't say if you were looking for bulk or just for yourself.)
Hope this is helpful!
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american eagle usually has plenty of large talls and they ship to canada but they're out of the crew neck undershirts the moment. if you want a v-neck large tall they have both gray and black.
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You might find something at Duluth Trading Co. They definitely ship to Canada.
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J. Crew has them. I can't vouch for the undershirt, but their men's tees (also available in tall) are super-soft and don't pill.
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JC Penney carries Stafford brand heavy cotton (they refer to them as "premium cotton") Ts in tall sizes (in packs of 3) - I know they come in white & gray. My SO wears them daily under dress shirt & they wear well. Usually $25 for a pack but they always seem to have a buy 1 get 2nd for 1/2 off deal going. I imagine they ship to Canada...
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Response by poster: Excellent! Thanks for the leads, I am sure to find something!
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JC Penney's is very good value in their Stafford lines. In civilized, buyer-friendly packages, rather than hanging loose on a hanger, and therefore, several times the price. (pet peeve)
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