My iPhone isn't playing nice with my iBook.
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I have an iPhone 3G and an old iBook G4 running iTunes 8.2.23, and this morning when I plugged the phone into the laptop iTunes no longer seemed to recognize the phone. iPhoto opens automatically and asks if I want to download my photos, but when I go into iTunes the phone doesn't show up in the menu on the left side of the screen and I get the spinning wheel of death. I've had the phone for about a week and it worked just fine with iTunes/my laptop until now. Any suggestions?

I should add that downloading iTunes 9 is not an option because when I did that a month ago it crashed our computer (I had to reinstall the OS to get it to work again) and then completely refused to work with our other iPod (Classic).
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This happened to me, and I just had to wait a while (like, really, five to ten minutes) for the wheel of death to stop; then the sync worked fine. Apparently this is a recognized problem, I remember Googling it and finding it on Mac forums.
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Try force-restarting the phone. Hold down the top button until the red swipe bar pops up. Shut it down, then plug it in and see what happens.
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Reinstall iTunes if you can find this older version, though I definitely recommend getting an upgrade to work. Either way, iTunes contains the iPhone drivers at install time.
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Just chiming in to say I had a similar problem (Windows tho, not Mac, and I don't remember which version of iTunes, tho definitely pre-9), and what it ended up being was downloaded podcasts (iTunes U) on the iPhone. I found many people in forums complaining about the same thing. Deleting them all was a pain, but it worked - iTunes recognized it no problem after that.
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I've never heard of iTunes 9 crashing a machine like that, but anyway...

* Try going into Image Capture and telling iPhoto to NOT launch. See if that works.
* Have you rebooted? (Just askin..)
* You probably don't need to reinstall iTunes. Make another test user account and plug it in. iTunes should launch. If it does, it's not your copy of iTunes - it's something in your user account.

Try creating a new iTunes library.
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