Nothing can stop us -- it's Tuftonia Day!
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What's a good source for legit, public domain MP3s of university fight songs? I am specifically looking for any PD recordings of Tufts University's "Tuftonia Days" as performed by the marching band. Neither nor Google are turning up any hits. Is there some corner of the internet where I should be looking?
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Have you tried contacting Tufts? You might see if you can find their marching band director's email, or someone in the music department. I doubt it'd be public domain though. The other non-public domain option is ripping from youtube videos, which you might be able to find.
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If you just need an audio bit for something you're making, email the band director. I was a member of my college marching band and we sent recordings to TV/public radio/etc.
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I'm sure that the Tufts Music Library would have a copy somewhere in the library. It seems unlikely that there would be a public domain recording, though.

You can try contacting the Tufts PR department for Undergraduate Arts & Sciences

Or you can try contacting the music department administration: You might also try contacting the Pep band director Ed Schwehm (who doesn't seem to have an e-mail public e-mail address on the Tufts website, so you'll probably have to go through the music department to get to him.)
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Here's a (somewhat cheesy sounding) ringtone of Tuftonia's Day.
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I was about to come in here to say that Tufts doesn't have a marching band, but then I remembered about how I was always forgetting that Tufts has cheerleaders and I looked it up. It's called the Pep Band, not the marching band. Here's a YouTube video of them performing a medley or something at Homecoming that has the chorus of "Tuftstonia's Day" in it. I'd probably just try to contact them through the music department.

It's a song that works better a cappella IMO; here's a smooth soul version.
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