Low-key Miami Beach?
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I'm going to Miami Beach on business but do not care particularly for nightlife, high-end shopping or haute cuisine. Can you recommend things to do/places to go in what spare time I may have?

(I will be visiting the Bass Museum and the Wolfsonian.)
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The Bass Museum and Wolfsonian are fantastic museums, imo.

There are lots of other high culture sorts of things - New World Symphony, the ballet, the opera, etc. Also the Sex Museum, which I highly recommend.

Books and Books is on Miami Beach, and is a really great little bookstore.

Other than that, Miami Beach is pretty much all of the things you don't care for. Honestly, I would just hit the beach and enjoy the ocean and the good air, people watch, get some colada. It's a bit chilly down there at the moment, but if its sunny the beach is still doable (in a light jacket). Steer clear of Lincoln Road and places like that - it's all shopping, fancy pants eating, etc.

If you get a bit away from the beach, there are some great mom and pop cuban food places that are fantastic.

Sometimes there are some decent funk bands and the like playing nights on the beach. Those can be good events to just chill and have a drink, and avoid the clubbing crowd.

Can you get off Miami beach at all? It'll be hard without a car, but if you can I would recommend checking out Fairchild Tropical Gardens, maybe stroll through older parts of the Grove, Matthison Hammock is really cool.
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I enjoyed my visit to the house museum Vizcaya. And yeah, the Wolfsonian is great.
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theres a flying trapeze school downtown.
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Romero Britto gallery in Lincoln Rd is pretty cool.
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And next door to Vizcaya, nice planetarium. :) I'd skip the Seaquarium if you've been to or prefer SeaWorld, but Jungle Island is a nice day.
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nthing the Fairchild Tropical Gardens
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One of my absolute favorite memories from the past few years is taking a bottle of wine out onto the beach behind my Miami Beach hotel at night and sitting there watching the clouds and the lights from the boats out on the water. So if you like that sort of thing, there's that.

Also, ditto what people said about the Wolfsonian.
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Seconding Nelson: the Vizcaya Estate is a great place to visit!
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