Billions and billions
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Given that Federal bailout monies are being tossed around to banks like sacks of rice from an aid truck, are there any emergent slang terms for one billion dollars?

For $100, there's Benjamin, C-Note; $1000 has many nicknames like "large" "g", etc. $1 Million has "mil". Googling for "slang for billion" only nets a somewhat obscure British usage of "quid", but that seems unsatisfactory since 1)quid already refers to Pound, 2)it's not particularly American sounding, 3)billion deserves it's own special lucrative lucre slang term. Are Wall Street, defense contractor, or politician types using one or more accepted slang terms for a billion USD?
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A yard
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Not exactly a slang term but I've heard people say "billion dollars" in a Dr. Evil voice that certainly reflects pop culture in a similar way.
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Huh. I missed yard in the results. Any others that financial insiders like to use?
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I vote for "Rockefeller" since he was the world's first billionaire, and since it's consistent with the Benjamins theme.
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It's not short, but I sometimes say "billion with a 'G'" when I'm discussing quantities in that range and want to emphasize how large they are. I do like "yard" quite a lot, though.
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I vote for "Rockefeller"

Well, I'm not really up for brainstorming new names, just curious about existing usage "in the field".
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Guess for origin of term: Yard = 3 feet, a billion has 3 sets of 3 zeros?
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Or you could check the link provided above: "The term also refers to "milliard," which is a European term for 1,000 million (a billion). "
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Financial, but not spoken: MMM
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अरब! Arawb
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This doesn't answer your question, but traders call a million a buck.
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With all due apologies, a Barack? Or a 'Bama?
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Yeah, "yard" is probably what you're looking for.

Also possibly interesting: the market slang for 100,000 of something is a lac (misspellings and all). This one mostly comes from gold traders.
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