We need music for our office.
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Help me find music for our office that isn't TOO boring. My husband is a home builder and his office is one of the upscale homes he has built. We want to play music through the surround sound system that is "appropriate" to a professional atmosphere in which the public will visit. Right now I have some Michael Buble, some bossa nova,some Three Tenors. Can you guys suggest something upbeat and not too Muzac-y? Thanks.
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All instrumental, pleasant, and good:

David Brubeck Quartet

Ravel - any piano music

Charlie Christian - The Genius of the Electric Guitar

Corelli - Concerti Grossi
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I'd suggest picking a theme and sticking with it. Nothing is more distracting than hearing Bach and Bowie back to back. (Bach to Bach?)

Some low key jazz is good for creating a casual, welcoming atmosphere. It doesn't have to be that schlocky jazz that you hear in elevators and playing on cubicle radios. It can be Fun Jazz! And of course, classical is a pretty terrific option for a professional, conservative atmosphere.

But whatever you choose, I'd suggest using Pandora or Last.fm to investigate more of a similar type so that you have a good cohesive theme. Or, better yet, get a digital/satellite radio subscription, and let them come up with the playlist for you.
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If you want jazz, Miles Davis is always good. Bitches' Brew is his best album, as far as I am concerned. Just don't let customers see the name of the album, I guess. No lyrics on the album.
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Bitches' Brew is his best album, as far as I am concerned.

OK, but it's not really appropriate for this context. Try In a Silent Way.
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Penguin Cafe Orchestra is really fun background music. Try Broadcasting from Home.
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Try some moderate world music. Buena Vista Social Club (Cuban jazz) comes to mind. Here are some more suggestions.
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Seconding In a Silent Way, definitely. On the classical side -- Erik Satie?
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Dengue Fever would make for some funky classiness.

Or you could get some Xavier Cugat or Martin Denny or Les Baxter and, by keeping it nearly subliminally quiet, provide a lovely retro exotica sheen to everything. (I'm in fact listening to Cugat right now, and if I went into a model home with that quietly playing in the background, I'd suddenly start to feel a bit more JFK-era shiny and new and needing a shiny and new house to match.)
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Yeah, came here to say think about just putting on some great jazz. Miles was going to be my recommend as well. But lots of even contemporary jazz (Claudia Quintet, Maria Schneider Orchestra, Chris Speed...) would also be great. Good jazz is good and not usually distracting. Playing a lot of Buble, 3 Tenors and other sort of 'light radio' music drives a lot of people batty.
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I love background music in a foreign (to me) language and very upbeat! It puts me in a vacation mood with a happy smile on my face. I'm thinking of something like... Ladysmith Black Mambazo or Salif Keita playing quietly. There are many great artists in the genre! On preview... As the Rev. Cuttle says Buerna Vista Social Club creates just the feeling!
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Perhaps Kronos Quartet's "Nuevo" for a little world music flavor?
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I suggest you take a listen to some Andrew Bird, it is unique and somewhat upbeat.
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Ambient electronic music fits the bill for me. The gentler end of The Orb, Aphex Twin and similar are all pleasant and non-intrusive.
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Definitely Dave Brubeck Quartet. Also:

Ahmad Jamal
Bill Frisell
John Scofield
Stanley Jordan
Tin Hat Trio
Henry Mancini (Specifically: Music from Peter Gunn)
Medeski, Martin & Wood (Although perhaps not 'The Dropper')
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Oh, and Django Reinhardt/Stephane Grapelli with the Hot Club of France.
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Most people are put in a good mood by listening to some low-key older jazz in the background; think Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, Django Rhinehardt, etc.

If you want something more contemporary, jazzy lounge music I recommend The Thievery Corporation "The Mirror Conspiracy".
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Miles Davis sounds good, get Sketches of Spain and Birth of the Cool as well.

Continuing on the classic/older jazz theme, it might be a good idea to look for modern or unusual covers, this way your customers can recognize something familiar but are not bored. For example, this CD of Sinatra covers by French guitarist Bireli Lagrene, heavily influenced by Django Reinhardt.
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Oh, and on a different note, after The Mirror Conspiracy you are required by law to play both CDs of The K&D Sessions by Kruder and Dorfmeister.
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Check out the online sample of Sirius Chill. Don't let the "electronic music" category scare you off. I'm not a techno/electronic fan (no disrespect) but I really dig this channel.
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Pink Martini is smart and clever.
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I'd recommend Zimbabwean mbira music. Ambient, soothing, upbeat, unusual, and reputed to have healing powers. Ranges from massage music to highly danceable. Try Forward Kwendas cds for something on the more accessible, ambient end of the spectrum.
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At first blush, I'd recommend downtempo electronica, seconding Sirius' Chill station.

But it really depends on your market doesn't it? Try to think of what would make the people who come to you feel "at home."

If it's upscale baby boomers, jazz might do it. Or the light hits of the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Gen X'ers will probably appreciate a nod to the 90's along with a mellow, hip, but more current selection. The Music Choice cable channel called Adult Contemporary I can see working very well with X'ers and millenials.
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You are aware that you need a license to do this, aren't you?
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I would just tune in to the local classical music station and forget about it.
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A place I used to work played the Amelie soundtrack all the time. Mix of classical and old singers, surprisingly upscale.
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try Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negro. Excellent background music to work by, I have friends from all different musical taste backgrounds and everybody digs the Ott man. Sort of new age jazz and really tasteful flamenco guitar
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Vitamin String Quartet. I heard their rendition of AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long" in a fairly tony restaurant in Hartford and fell in love.
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Dave Brubeck ++
Bill Evans
Any Miles Davis EXCEPT for Kind of Blue (overplay burnout)

Putting a Brazilian artist into Pandora should get you some business-apropriate suggestions too, if you don't mind non-english lyrics - try Adriana Calcanhoto, Ana Carolina, Jorge Ben, Milton Nascimento for starters.

Hawaiian slack key guitar music works well, too.
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oh, some Jamie Cullum sprinkled in there would be so much fun.
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Have you ever heard the Verve Remixed albums? The tracks are awesome and very palatable.

Also the Buena Vista Social Club soundtrack is pretty rad.
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I know a very nice restaurant that plays the Meters and early New Orleans piano jazz. I've always liked the sound.
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No, didn't know I needed a license??? Just to play music in my office? Thanks for the suggestions. We're in New Orleans, so I may try to play up on that. I already have some of music suggested and the rest I'm going to listen to. Thanks so much.
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Wow, sorry: Dave Brubeck Quartet, not David...

(edit function, please!)
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The Mercury Songbook box set is one of my favourites for a day of low-key music that blends seamlessly into the background for work, has songs I like but can tune out, but also has a few stand-outs that really make me smile when I catch them.
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