vhs video capture problem
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Why does my video capture (from a VCR) look like this? I'm using the Pinnacle Moviebox 150 capture device, is it faulty? (screenshot inside)

see screenshot here.

I'm using VCR, to composite cables, to pinnacle unit, to USB.

It's not the VCR (I've just bought 2), and it's not the cables.

As you can see in the upper right corner is the preview window of Pinnacle Studio 11 (app that came with the capture device). when i try to preview/capture, it freezes on the very first frame, and all but a small band across the top is covered with a big green patch, and blue at the top. when i try to capture, i get a video file with proper audio, but the only video is that initial image.
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Seconding b1tr0t. Try something that for sure doesn't have copy protection like a video game output or something.
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It's possible to buy video processing boxes which will, among other things, remove the Macrovision copy protection. Or at least it used to be; I used to own one.

But I think they're illegal under the DMCA so it may not be all that easy to find one now.
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You can try capturing a non-commercial tape to be sure, but that doesn't really look like a Macrovision issue. In my experience, Macrovision just makes the image very dark. Unfortunately, I don't know what might be causing that problem - I would check the capture settings.

(Chocolate Pickle - the ADVC 110 is a currently-available consumer capture device that can remove Macrovision.)
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Response by poster: i tried a tape that i made on my own vhs cam and it showed up properly in the preview for a few seconds -- and then froze and never unfroze when i started to try a capture. froze, but no green or blue blocks and it did preview.
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Pinnacle is known to make pretty crappy software. Have you tried an alternative application?
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I see from your screenshot that you're capturing to a HDD labeled "f:". Is that HDD an internal drive or is it an external USB drive?

'Cause if it is an external USB drive and your Pinnacle unit is USB, you might be exceeding that bandwidth of your computer's USB bus. Try plugging "f:" into the firewire port of your computer to see if that helps.
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