How do I stream on Mac?
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How do I stream video on on a Mac (Intel 10.4.11) using Safari?`

I've searched all over, and every thread about this on the internet was referring to watching the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Apparently at that time, Mac users could download Microsoft Silverlight to watch content on I installed Silverlight and it did nothing for me. Also installed Flip4Mac- nothing.

I'm using an Intel-based Mac 10.4.11 with Safari. I also have Firefox, which I could use if it made the difference with some plug-in.

It used to stream just fine, until a few months ago (same computer, no issues with it.) I have a feeling NBC changed something about their video platform. It just stays on the "Please be patient. Your video is loading..." screen for hours.

Thanks so much!
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According to this, the latest version of Silverlight for Mac requires 10.5. Perhaps the NBC site also requires you use the latest version?
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Response by poster: I actually downloaded a version of Silverlight that was compatible with 10.4 but perhaps yeah, as you said, NBC requires something higher.
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Of course, there's nothing I can find on NBC's site about system requirements.
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From the FAQ
NBC Direct is built for the Microsoft Windows operating system. The service does not currently run on other systems such as Apple Macintosh or Linux. However, if your Apple computer runs on an Intel Core Duo processor, you can set up Apple's "Boot Camp" software to install and run one of the supported Microsoft Windows operating systems on your computer along with MacOS X.

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MiamiDave, that applies only to NBC Direct, which is a special viewing program, and is irrelevant to shows on proper. I'm watching The Office on right now. OS X 10.5.8, Firefox 3.5.7. And, now, I'm watching it in Safari.

The problem likely lies in 10.4 and/or the version of Silverlight the OP running.

Is the show you want to watch available on Hulu?
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Response by poster: I'll look into it. Thanks to everyone for your help.
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