Brick and Mortar Store + Nice 24" Flat Panel Monitor + DC/Baltimore = ???
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Can anyone recommend a brick and mortar store in the Washington DC / Baltimore MD area where I can look at and buy a good 24" IPS monitor?

I'm thinking in terms of something like a Dell U2410, or possibly a similar unit from HP or NEC.

It seems like most stores, including the usual big box suspects, have plenty of lower end models on display, but I want something which works well for photo editing, and would like to see it in the flesh before I buy it.
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Maybe the Microcenter east of Fairfax City? I'm not sure if you're including that in usual big box or not. But I've noticed it tends to have slightly better monitors on display than Best Buy.
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Agree with skynxnex on Microcenter, but since you mention Baltimore, it's worth pointing out that there's a Microcenter in Rockville now too. They have the usual cheap-o monitors but also have some nicer (or at least costlier) ones on display too.
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