Affordable Southwest spa getaway?
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Reasonable priced spa getaway options in the Southwest (CO, AZ, NM, etc) for a girl's weekend getaway this spring?

The Mrs. & co. are looking for a place "we can hike by day and then come back and sit by the pool, get a massage and hang out and drink wine in the evening."

Affordable is key, i.e. not Sedona/Santa Fe-type places. Package deals a plus, and proximity to major airport.
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So when you say not Santa Fe, do you mean not 10,000 Waves?

Is Glennwood Hot Springs too pricey?
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I went to Red Mountain Spa last year and it was nicer than I expected. They lead about 10 hikes each morning at varying levels of difficulty, 3 meals a day plus all-you-can-eat snacks is included in the nightly rate, and they also have pools, massages, fitness classes. Added bonus, I spent a day at Zion National Park, which was 40 min away by car. The food was pretty good compared to what I thought it could have been. Downside: I had to drive 2 hrs from Las Vegas airport, although the St. George airport is much closer (and more expensive to fly into, and they can shuttle you if you fly into there but you might want a car if you want to spend time at one of the national parks within driving distance).
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Since price is an issue, I'd recommend Truth or Consequences, NM over Santa Fe, Albuquerque, or Ojo Caliente. You can easily spend less than $350 for two people to stay the weekend, hike, get massaged, soak in the hot springs, and enjoy nice meals.

Blackstone Hot Springs in TorC is a cheap spa beloved by locals -- $75 and up for two people per night, including private in-room hot spring tubs and discount access to the public bath. It's within driving distance of the Gila national forest (which is amazing for hiking and enjoying nature). "Proximity to a major airport" doesn't apply, though; you will need to rent a car in Albuquerque.

Other affordable hot springs in TorC are Riverbend (one of my friends raves about this one) and La Paloma.
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