How to find the size of iPhoto and iTunes files?
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Can someone please tell me how to find the size of my iPhoto and iTunes files? I go into Library, find iPhoto and iTunes and then find bunch of subfiles, divided by date; but they don't seem to include all the pictures and songs. It doesn't make sense and Apple documentation doesn't clarify the matter. Thanks.
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Best answer: For iTunes on a Mac you should be able to go to the Music folder in your home folder, then iTunes, right click on iTunes Music and select 'Get Info'. Size is what you're looking for, though this will also include any movies, podcasts, etc that you've downloaded.

For iPhoto go to the Pictures folder, right click on iPhoto Library and select 'Show Package Contents'. Then right click on Originals and select 'Get Info' again. This will show you the size of all your original files. If you want the size of your entire iPhoto library, including modified and scaled versions select 'Get Info' on iPhoto Library itself.
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Best answer: In the iTunes window, click on Music (in the left hand column) and look at the bottom of the window. It'll show you how many songs you have, the total playing time of all the song, and the size of the collection in megabytes or Gigabytes, depending on the size.
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If you're looking to find the size of particular song in iTunes, you can right click or command click on it, a pop up window will appear, choose "Get Info" and that'll show the size and other info about the song file.
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• In Snow Leopard (10.6) the Finder reports disk usage differently than iTunes, iPhoto, and most other operating systems.

• iTunes has extra folders which store art automatically downloaded (from iTunes). Art manually added are stored within MP3 and AAC files.

• iTunes' music files can be spread in places besides the 'Music' folder.

• iPhoto's library size includes a lot of extras — smaller previews of each file, 'originals' for anything you've edited or even rotated, etc. If you were to export just the JPG files, you'd need less space than iPhoto is taking on your HD now.
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