The most delicious pie online?
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The most delicious pies available for purchase online?

Next Saturday (January 23) is "National Pie Day" and you're supposed to give pie to your heroes. There's a fairly long running joke in my family that I'm the heretic that doesn't like pie, but my parents are indeed my heroes, so I'd like to ship them an amazing delicious pie. But since I don't really like pie, I don't have the first idea of where to order one online and have it shipped, and have it be tasty.

Please share with me the most delicious pies you can order online and have sent in the mail? Flavors aren't necessarily important, since I know mom's favorite is lemon and I don't think that will ship well, and dad is a pie omnivore.
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The Little Pie Company was on Oprah's Favorite Thing Show in 2002. My girlfriend sent some as Christmas presents and the recipients raved and raved about "best pies ever."
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The Elegant Farmer makes an apple pie baked in a bag that is sooooo delicious.
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Hubig's Pies are New Orleans original fried pies. You can order a case of them for $25 and they are little handheld packs of delicious. I am a big fan of the lemon flavor.
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Dangerously Delicious Pies in Baltimore will ship pies. I like the backstory of the shop.
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Goode Company Barbeque, in Houston, sells an awsome pecan pie. I have received multiple appreciative remarks from people who have received this as a holiday gift.
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Linn's pies packed in dry ice, ready to bake in the oven of your choice.
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I hear this place makes the best grape pies.
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