DVD-Rs won't play on my Sony Blu Ray player.
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Is there a way to get movies that I have on DVD-R to play on my Sony Blu Ray player (Model number: BDP-N460)? For some reason, the player is not recognizing that I have a movie on the disc. My old DVD player would play them with no problems.
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Ironically, you would probably have better luck with a $30 Walmart special than with a Sony or other name brand.

On burned CDs, I've occasionally heard people having good luck burning the disc at a slower speed to get it working on something like a car CD player. I'm not sure whether it works for DVDs though.
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Do store-bought dvds play fine? If not, you may need to upgrade the firmware on the blu-ray player.
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Did you use a program like DVD Flick to turn your movie file into a valid DVD disc? Or did you just burn the file (.avi, .mpg, etc) straight onto the disc? Not every player can handle a disc that hasn't been authored correctly.
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DVD-R format has problems with some commercial players. DVD+R works better.
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Store bought DVDs work great.

I use a program called DVD Shrink to rip the DVD to my computer, then I use CDBurnerXP to run the DVD-R.
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If your disc format is compatible with your player, and you're certain that you began with a (generally) valid DVD structure and encountered no errors during burning, you may want to try FixVTS on the DVD structure to fix some common problems and then try again.
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DVD-R? Pirate!

The system is working as intended.
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As it turns out, it may have to do with the software that I'm using to burn the DVD-R.
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I was right, it was the software that I was using. I purchased Nero 9 and everything is now burning to a DVD-R that plays in the Blu Ray player. Hooray!
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