I want to give a donation to aid in the Haiti earthquake rescue efforts.
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What is the best agency to make a donation in order to insure that the aid is received where needed in Haiti?

The news of the earthquake in Haiti is devastating, and I was shocked to learn that an acquaintance of mine actually lost her life (Zilda Arns, link to her wiki page for those of you who read Portuguese. For those of you who don't, this lady was badass). She was in Haiti doing good work, and I want to make a donation on her behalf to help the rescue and rebuilding effort that will undoubtedly be paramount in that country in the near future.
In the past, I have donated to the American Red Cross and Doctors without Borders, in addition to our local Rotary Club, who themselves put together kits to be delivered to those affected by natural disasters. Who do you recommend I make a donation to? Bonus if I can make the donation via paypal.
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The organizations you listed all do great work, but the organization near and dear to my heart is the Mennonite Central Committee. They've been working in Haiti since 1928, and they don't proselytize, instead focusing on relief work. You can donate online.
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Doctors without Borders and the Red Cross are both doing a ton of excellent work in Haiti right now. Obviously there will be other organizations that are also worth supporting, but those will absolutely get your money where you want it.
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Six ways you can help Haiti.
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Thanks folks, I have started the donation process. I encourage everyone else who has a few extra ducats lying around to do so as well. I ended up starting with Hope for Haiti, because they work with our local Rotary to put kits together, have low overhead, and take paypal.
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I am so glad the FPP got sidebarred. There's lots of helpful information there. I will be following it closely.
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For the benefit of other people reading this who don't already know, the Rotary-based organisation mentioned above is Shelterbox. They move quickly, already have contacts in Haiti from previous work following hurricanes, and due to the structure of their organisation (with volunteer fundraisers via Rotary Clubs and others, rather than relying on paid fundraising staff) can get a very high proportion of donated money directly into the aid they provide rather than losing it in admin.
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