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Internet browsing(wifi) painfully slow on a refurbished Macbook Pro. Similar refurbished Macbook Pro(same specs) seems to work just fine.

I've spent an hour with Apple support over the phone. After twiddling with everything, they recommended I reinstall Snow Leopard. I have done so and everything is updated to the hilt. The problem stays.

It is the same across different browsers, all updated as well. Interestingly, I find that actual download speeds do not seem affected. Downloading files from http servers and bittorrent give expected speeds. Watching a 10 minute youtube video, on the other hand, is an exercise in self inflicted misery, when the video stalls loading less than a quarter of the way through.

Further, I find that if I stimulate network activity(through a download in parallel or an infinite ping) the speed does not seem to be that bad.

The signal bar always remains full. And this issue remains even when I physically sit next to the wifi router.

The other laptop shows exemplary performance in every case. Also, I was told by a contact on skype that video through the other laptop seemed to be better than my new one. Could this refurbished laptop be a bad Apple?

I've trawled around the web for an answer and couldn't get one. People have similar problems but none with the apparent symptoms of mine So my question is: Is this issue known or faced by any of the hive mind? Is there something I can do, short of walking into an Apple store and asking them to hand me another one?

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"It is the same across different browsers, all updated as well. "

Is it the same across different user accounts? Create a new account on that system and see if that user has the same problem. If it does not, you've narrowed down the source of your issue considerably.
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I ran into something similar with my first gen MBP a couple of months ago and ended up having to replace the wifi card (which wasn't too bad about $180). According to the tech guys I took it to (out of Apple warranty) this was a fairly common occurrence. The other thing that may be failing is the antenna which I believe is actually in the hinge.
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Changing your DNS settings to Google's public DNS servers ( and, in that order) will rule that out as a first step. I'd also follow majick's advice and make a new user and see if the problem follows you — also, try adding a new location in System Preferences —> Network, hitting apply and seeing if that helps. Otherwise, since you've done a reinstall and another similar machine works on the same network, the signs start to point towards hardware. Maybe you've installed some firewall or network-related software without realising?
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Nthing bitdamaged. That happened to me while I was still under Apple Care.
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Does this happen over copper? You use connection sharing on the good laptop to share its connection over copper then plug the bad apple into that to see. I'd guess a bum wifi card or perhaps a badly seated wifi card or antenna.
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Is it the same across different user accounts?

Yes it is exactly the same over different user accounts.

I've tried changing DNS servers and that did not seem to solve the problem.

I do not seem to have the problem over copper. My gut reaction is also a badly seated or a bum wifi card. I got this laptop a couple of days ago so I assume Apple will take care of the problem if I bring it up to them, right? Could network trouble translate into poor picture quality in Skype? I do not mean stuttering frames, but bad frames in themselves.

I guess I'm trying to see if I can get a different unit from Apple since I do not know what else might be lurking in the non-stellar hardware mire.

Thanks for the responses. They seem to have confirmed some of my suspicions.
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