Name this a cappella group.
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Help me come up with names for a new adult a cappella group in Silicon Valley.

I joined a new singing group and we are getting to the point where our membership is fairly stable, so we need a name. We will be voting on possible names this weekend.

A little about us: we are all adults (both men and women) but the age range is wide, from folks just out of college to retirement age. There are about 15 steady folks who show up, but we can range from 12-20 people at once. We haven't really settled on a genre of music that we're going to stick with, but right now we are singing mostly doo-wop to get people up to speed. Some of us are a cappella nerds (that's me), but others just like to sing. We are located in Silicon Valley, near San Jose, CA, and we all got together through

While music puns run rampant in a cappella circles, I personally would like to stay away from them unless they're really original (check the Acapedia Group Database if you want to see what names are in use currently).

Go to it, Hive Mind!
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No puns? I'm going to blatantly disregard that and suggest the Silicon Valley Sound Bytes.
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(which I realize is in use, but only by a college group and as one word)
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Coming from the audiophile mefi post, I thought of "The Vacuum Tubes". Not a pun, but has both musical and tech-history connotations.
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Response by poster: oinopaponton, I was actually a member of that college group called the Sound Bytes, so I can attest to its fine name. :)
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Best answer: Well, with the Bay area and Silicon Valley I'm thinking Fish & Chips, but maybe I need more coffee.
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The Silitones.
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In that case, crapmatic's idea is great. I really like puns.
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+1 for nightwood's I can't think of something better. (only downside is that an url for that would be difficult)
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Palo Altos and Tenors
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You might want to check on the Sweet Adelines website to see that you're not too close to another group's name in your area. That probably goes for both choruses and quartet names. This is particularly the case since you're doing a cappella and do-wop, you really wouldn't want to be mixed up with another group. You might also get ideas there for variations on a theme.
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No puns? How about the West Coast Crooners?
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The Steves

Was (not Woz)
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The Chip Tunes
[Bandleader's Name] and the gmail dot coms
The Breadboards
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The Own Grandpas.
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Community Harmony
[Some Geographical Reference] Singers/A Cappella/Harmony, i.e., Widget Valley Singers, Black Mountain Harmony, Cranberry Cove A Cappella
A la carte A capella
voice geeks
Instrument-free singers
Bay Area Transfer
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I was coming in here to commend you for refusing to use musical puns ... then I saw nightwood's "@cappella" and ... well, I fell in love.

There's no reason to find yourself confined to riffs on where you live. Ideally, naming a pro a cappella group should be no different from finding a good band name generally. However, assuming most of your audiences are all-ages, many of the "that'd be a good name for a band" jokes (including my personal favorite, Stalinist Personality Cult), are probably out the window. If you're going for the names that stick in people's heads, are family friendly and describe what you do ... how bout the Doo-Wa Diddies?
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A CaPalo Altos
Silicon Valley Sibilants
Sonority Scale
The Tall Tree Singers (palo means tree and alto means tall)
And...I can't believe I'm actually saying this...but I've always said that if I start a band (which I never will) I would want it to be called The Free Radicals. May not be apt for you all, but there you go.

Sorry about all the puns.
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Best answer: The Information Processingers
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How about Silicappela?
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Valley Voices
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The Sillibles.
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Best answer: The Start-Ups.
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The Pings or Ping Singers
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The GOTO 10

(you'd have to have ten members, but that never stopped the Sixteen)
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There are about 15 steady folks who show up...

For that number range? 22 Bits.
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Chips off the Old Block
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How about, "The FooBars"? Yeah, I know it's terrible, but I had to throw it out there.
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FooBars is terrible.
Similar placeholder words.

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Response by poster: Well, they did not enjoy Fish and Chips as much as we did, Metafilter. Information ProcesSingers got a laugh, and I gave one of my votes to The Startups. But it looks like other members' ideas were more popular. Current top contender is "Vox Box".
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