Help me build my Arts & Crafts style vocabulary and printmaking knowledge.
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Help me build my Arts & Crafts style vocabulary and printmaking knowledge.

I've had my late grandfather's linoleum block printing supplies sitting in a box for 5 or 6 years now, and I want this to be the year that I start using them. I've ordered a new set of cutters and plan to set myself up with some new ink, which brings me to my two-part question.

First, the technical part:

Can you recommend any books on linoleum block printing technique? I've done it before, so I'm generally familiar with the process, but it's been a long time and I'm interested in more advanced techniques; reduction prints, multi-color registration, cheap home-made presses, inking techniques like the gradients in this print, things like that.

Second, the aesthetic part:

Can you recommend any style guides for Craftsman style printmaking specifically? There are certainly plenty of new and old examples available for viewing online, but I'd love to read about common techniques, compositions, and best-known artists of the style. I know they weren't necessarily using linoleum, but I think a lot of it would remain applicable.

I like old-fashioned, dead-tree books when it comes to reference, but if there are any exemplary online resources, by all means let them fly.

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The Complete Printmaker is a good reference on technique, registration, terminology, etc.
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