Letters in NYC
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Quick! Where can I buy iron-on letters in Manhattan? Or is there somewhere that will print up a t-shirt by tomorrow (and not charge a fortune)? Thanks!
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Might be more involved but can go to office max and buy print out iron ons. You'll need access to a computer and printer.
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Response by poster: I thought of that, but the ink in my crappy printer runs when it encounters moisture.
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Best answer: Michael's Craft Store has them. It's on the UWS in Columbus Village (that new shopping mall thing) at Columbus and 97th-100th.
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Michael's on the UWS is huge and beautiful.
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Neighborhoodies has a store in Brooklyn.

Otherwise, you can buy iron-on letters at Michael's.
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I've used T-Shirt Express (they're at West 80th) on incredibly tight deadlines. They're fast and excellent.

Last job I did with them, they created 60 white, American Apparel mens (unisex) cotton tees with a large (10.5" wide) 2 pms color logo screen printed on the front of the shirt for $11.20 each, for a total of 672.00.
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