The pool hall still surprises once in awhile!
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What kind of pool game involves wooden pegs set up on the table?

So out a few nights ago, and see these guys playing...something...on the pocketless table. It appeared to involve two cue balls and something else (at one point it was the 4, but couldn't say for sure if that was consistent), and they had this series of wooden pegs (about typical chess-men size, say) set up in a fairly regular pattern around the rails and some in the middle. We couldn't tell if the object of the game was to make a shot without knocking the pegs over, or if you were supposed to hit them. Other than that, I couldn't really tell you much about the purpose. Has anyone ever seen, heard of, or played such a thing? What's the object behind it? Thanks!
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Bumper pool?
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Or Pin Billiards/Skittles?
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There's also bar billiards, which is kind of like Bumper Pool(tm).
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The pin billiards I used to play, was a lot like normal billiards. But instead of getting one point for every carambole -- making the queue ball touch the other two balls on the cloth -- you'd get two points. And there would be one point for every pin that fell. Yet, you couldn't continue the play, if you hadn't made a carambole.

Other billiards halls had other rules, I've found.
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