Not only do I "do more," I don't really even do my hair.
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Where can I buy more cute 1" pins like these?

Obviously the bottom row is from Yelp, but the top five pins are (I think) all from an indie group that had a table at the last Alternative Press Expo.

Hopefully someone will recognize these and tell me exactly who made them, but if not, please do suggest places to buy aesthetically similar stuff. I've searched Google and specifically Etsy for "Do more than your hair" but don't know what else to try...

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Not sure what you're looking for in particular. There's obviously a bunch of cute buttons on etsy (link is to main gateway for buttons).
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Thanks for the link! I've certainly seen nice pins on Etsy, but there's a LOT of product to search through, so I'm hoping for one of the two following:

1. Someone recognizes the particular seller that I bought these pins from, and links me to their site
2. People with similar taste suggest specific sellers on Etsy / eBay / wherever
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Why not design and make them yourself?
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There are a few the same as yours in this photo, and the person who took the photos says that they're all Yelp buttons. In the Yelp store, they sell a set, some say Yelp, some are cute colored thingies like the ones in your photo.
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Note to iconomy: learn to read the whole question.
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Poseur Ink?
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There's a bunch of shops near each other on Valencia between 19th and 20th that have somewhat similar buttons. Little Otsu, Paxton Gate, The Curiosity Shoppe and the McSweeney's store come to mind.
posted by plastic_animals at 5:11 PM on January 11, 2010 She has an etsy store. She also has buttons in a lot of alternative and craft galleries in Canada and the US.
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I can make pins like that, with anything you want on them. MeMail me if you'd like.
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Prickie is exactly what you're looking for.
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Lots of good ones at pinbackattack.
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I used to buy a lot of buttons from (my favorite, that I still have after several years is the Sleater-Kinney lyric, "watch me make up my mind instead of my face").

I also second the rec of!
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Yay, MonkeyToes found the exact pins I bought!

Thanks also to everyone else for your recommendations :) I don't know which ones I'll like best, but they look great so far.
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