I like being hairy. But maybe I'll like being a little less hairy.
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ItchyGirlParts filter. I shaved my nether regions two days ago and now it itches in that prickly "hair is growing and stabbing me" kind of way. What can I do to prevent/mitigate this itching. Aside from, "shave every other morning." Throwaway email and other details follow.

Ladies, (and back door shaving gents) do you use a mirror for that? Cause I just did the best I could without looking at the area in question, but I'd be willing to get a hand mirror if it would...help.

Shaving cream? Some special private shaving unguent? I'm not excited about the idea of spending money on an elixer, but maybe my finances will change, and then it would help to know if there is something awesome out there to get my hands on, rather than trying everything.

I'm fairly flexible, can get my leg up in the air, and obviously have no trouble reaching all the parts in question. I shaved it in the tub, got out, dried myself off, and didn't think about it again until this morning.

Any anecdotes about private parts hair removal are welcome. Waxing? Horror stories? Congratulations? Pep talks?

throwaway email (cause I'm polite like that) is itchy.girl.parts@gmail.com.

(PS, I'm not dating anyone, nobody asked me to do this, and I didn't take it all off. Just in case you care. Don't feel obliged to get all het up on my behalf. If the itching can't be remedied, I won't keep this up. Also, I'm aware that small cuts from shaving increase risk of STD transmission, I'm not having sex these days.)
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You might have better luck if you shave with the hair, and don't shave it close. This is less interesting for any potential partner (it can get mighty prickly, especially on damp bits), but might be more comfortable for you.
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Suffer through one or two waxes. This seems to toughen up your follicles so shaving ain't so bad thereafter. I do believe it is a regularity thing, though. If you want to just shave your bits out of the blue once in a while, the price is unbearable itchings.
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Honestly, there is no way to get over the hump of the itches better than a light coating of hydrocortisone (<1%) containing lotion on the "outside" skin area. For future reference, if you get in a habit of shaving every. single. day. the itching subsides, but the best way is to get a wax. Seconding k8t's comment - worth every penny.
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Mach 3 razor and Dove soap works for me. Piece of cake, no itchiness.

I never use a mirror. I'm just really really really really careful.
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Scrub with acne wash or anything containing salicylic acid. Only do this on external areas. In the future, follow a shave with TendSkin.
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If you're OK with soft stubble length hair (if you don't want BARE bare), shaving to that length with an electric razor doesn't itch and is easy to accomplish. I think mine was 15$ at Target.

P.S. I just kind of reach around and wiggle and hope that I get everything. I don't normally worry about cuts with the electric, and I usually don't fuss too much about getting the rear parts evenly trimmed. After all, I can't see it.
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Having had unpleasant experiences with getting less-delicate bits of me waxed, I wouldn't want to be waxing my bikini line. If you don't know whether waxing works for you, it might not be the best place to use as a tester patch. [Ingrowing hairs despite frequent exfoliation and moisturising. Not pretty. I have keratosis pilaris, though I don't know for sure if that affects it. YMMV.]

I use clippers, myself. Or get my boyfriend to use the clippers for me, because I've never quite worked out how to conveniently get all the bits you can't see yourself either. A mirror does help but is still pretty damn awkward.
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I am intrigued by this "TendSkin", but I find hydrocortisone cream works well. You can find it in any grocery store, too. Make sure you let the hair soak water and get soft before you shave, too. I second the use of Mach 3. Razor refills are expensive, but this brand name razor is really worth it, to me (sensitive skin).
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TendSkin or BikiniZone are two products, plus there are some homemade "elixirs" involving crushed up aspirin as an anti-inflammatory, but I doubt any of this will stop the "5:00 shadow" itchings. Most products like I mentioned just help with razor burn and bumps. Gotta second vote for please don't do this to yourself if you can afford waxing, the re-growth with waxing is new, soft hair coming in rather than blunt chopped-off-mid-growth hair. If you really "like being hairy, just less hairy" you should try trimming with a man's clippers + guard.
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It's just a matter of time. After many shavings, you won't get that itchiness factor anymore.
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shaving lotion beforehand, diaper rash ointment afterward, keep area moisturized, with frequent shaving comes less itchiness.
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Waxing is the only way to get around this. Low maintenance. My waxer (waxist) charges $30 a pop, I get it done once a month. No stubble, no itchiness, no unpleasantness.
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Also, I wouldn't want to use this anywhere outside of the mons pubis (i.e., FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NOT THE LABIA/PERINEUM), but I don't have itch issues (and very few ingrowns) with an epilator.
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I have "occasionally" shaved bits (was furry, trimmed v. short with scissors, shaved one time, extremely closely as surprise for booty call of the moment, let grow all the way back in) and have also "regularly" shaved bits (shaved every other day to baby-smooth levels of smooth).

"Occasional" shaving is itchy as heck if you let it grow back all the time. Razor burn is also an issue for me with occasional shaving.

"Regular" shaving (every other day) is not itchy and does not have nearly as much razor burn problem after the first month or so of regular shaving. It's like the skin toughens up or something. Regular shaving takes about two, three minutes in the shower.

Best results for the occasional shaver: Trim fur very short with scissors or clippers before starting. Use very hot water, soak bits in hot water so that hair gets soft. Use new razor. Shave carefully, with direction of hair growth (but that never gets it smooth enough or short enough, does it?). I have never used a mirror, just work carefully by feel. Also, I use one hand to stretch/flatten/arrange the bits I am shaving and the other hand to operate the razor, so am not sure what hand I'd be using to hold a mirror with anyway. I do not shave anything below the bottom of the labia. If I did go to shave the perineum/anus, I would do it by feel.
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Also, I wouldn't want to use this anywhere outside of the mons pubis (i.e., FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NOT THE LABIA/PERINEUM), but I don't have itch issues (and very few ingrowns) with an epilator.

My partner epilates everywhere (including the areas you mention) every so often. She finds it no more painful than waxing. As with all things pubic, YM is guaranteed to V, proceed with caution, etc.

And she says the exact same thing as which_chick about the occasional/regular difference for itchy regrowth. She has never used a mirror; it is totally by feel, front as well as back.
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Personal groomer.
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Wax, don't shave. Either way, regular exfoliation afterward (though not immediately - ouch!) is key to keeping the itchies at bay.
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I shave frequently and have never waxed (could never stand to let any body hair grow long enough to wax), and I can back up the claim that the longer you do it, the less itch there is. I have no problems with itching any more whatsoever.

Hydrocortisone cream soothes, as well as aloe. I've also heard others suggest powder.

Yes, you do have to be a bit of a contortionist to get everywhere, if that's what you want to do. I have nicked..sensitive areas...before, and it's not fun. Use a really good razor--I like Venus or Mach 3--or one (I keep meaning to get one of these!) that works in the shower.
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The itchiness only really lasts for a day, and then you probable have 3 or 4 days of being trim but not itchy before you start the cycle again. I shave with conditioner instead of soap because I find soap is drying and increases the next day discomfort which I don't notice at all anymore; I think your skin gets used to it.
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If one were to get waxed, I'd suggest going every month and 1/2. Y hairgrowth and level of comfort with growing back hair MV.

I think that the general rule of thumb is 4-6 weeks.

I'd look for a waxist on yelp. This is the sort of thing that you need personal recs for.
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If you don't have a problem with it, try waxing. I go to a woman who uses hard wax, which just hardens up as it cools, so it doesn't require cloth strips to pull it off. I find that I get much better results on my fine hair and sensitive skin with that. I don't get as many ingrown hairs, my skin doesn't burn, and the hair doesn't grow back as quickly as with shaving.
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The stubble left from electric clippers is much softer than the scrapy stubble you get after razoring.
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Shaving with the grain helps for me in sensitive areas. Also, shaving everyday cuts down on the itchy factor. It sucks, but it is true.
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