Moving captions from iPhoto to Picasa
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I have moved all of my photos over from iPhoto on my OS X 10.3.9 iBook to Picasa on my Thinkpad. What's the best way to get the captions in iPhoto over to Picasa?

I have iPhoto 4. There are about 300 of 6000 photos that have captions.
From a previous AskMe I see that Caption Buddy was a great tool, but it must have been removed from the Apple script webpage. Any other apps that could do this? Thanks!
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Have you moved the files over already?

Last time I did this, the captions automatically moved since both apps use IPTC to store the cations in the file's metadata. I just copied the files from my iPhoto library onto the Windows computer and had Picasa pick that up and it worked. I wouldn't be surprised if other ways of exporting the images out of iPhoto didn't work.
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Yes, I moved them over but the captions didn't come over. Which version of iPhoto were you using.
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I don't remember, but it was from a white iBook running Panther.
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