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I would like a great doctor, or a team of doctors in Atlanta. Do you have a rockstar doctor?

I need a new doctor, my general practioner is really sweet, but she deals mostly with old folks on dialysis and the whole vigiliant prevention in your 30's thing, doesn't register with her. I need a doctor who will encourage me to be healthier rather than being satisfied that I am not 200lbs and can walk around. Please Dr., scare me into not wallowing in my more indulgent side!

While I am at it, I would also like a new gynecologist. I had a major health scare and she wouldn't talk to me about it over the phone for liability reasons. I need someone who cares a little bit more than that.

I also need a derm. and a dentist. Anyway, I hope you can help. I live downtown, but I can travel about anywhere in the metro area for the ideal candidate.

Thank you so much for your help!
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When my friends and I lived in Atlanta (until July of this year), we all used Dr. Scott Small at Primary Care Physicians of Atlanta based on a recommendation I received at work. We had a great experience with him --- he is young and easy to relate with, yet very knowledgeable. I don't know if he is the "scare you" type of doctor, but he is very pragmatic and speaks his mind.

As for a dentist, I had a generally good experience with Dr. Ryan Friedrich.
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When I was working down in the Lenox area, I saw Dr. Nick Smith for dentistry and he was awesome. When I changed jobs, I ended up switching to someone closer to home (in Acworth/Kennesaw) for convenience but he was great.

Mrs. Q. had great experiences with Northside Women's Specialists. Their main office is on Pill Hill, but there are branch locations all over the place. You didn't ask for an ortho, but I'll plug Resurgens Orthopedics anyway. Hope you never need them.

My PCP was a guy named Dr. Samuel Adams (yes!), also with an office near N'side. I only ever saw him a couple of times, but he seemed pretty good to me.
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You didn't ask about an allergist, but I'll recommend my doctor anyway, for general reference.

Dr. Timothy Sullivan at Atlanta ENT & Allergy is one of the top-rated allergists in the country. My wife discovered him when reading an article about the top-rated physicians. He changed her life. She went from being a sickly, allergic, asthmatic mess, to feeling well about 99% of the time.

I also see Dr. Sullivan, and he's helped me a lot with my allergies as well.
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Need a gyno? I'm a huge fan of Feminist Women's Health Center of Atlanta. Of course, lots and lots of other people are, too, so they can be really busy. I don't even own a vagina and I've had good enough (peripheral) experiences that I very highly recommend them.
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Check out for ratings for all kinds of doctors in the ATL. You can even sort by highest rated.
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Ooooh! You are so lucky to be in Atlanta!!! Do you know why you are so lucky to be in Atlanta? Because the rock star OB/GYN of the world is in Norcross right next door. Dr. Joseph Tate.

Also, may want to look here.

So you know who you should see? Dr. Tate! If I ever have another child and I have no other options, I would consider moving to Atlanta just to see him. No joke. I would.

And it seems he's just as fabulous in the non-delivering baby ways an OB/GYN should be fabulous.
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Dentist: Jeff & Sarabess Baumrind in downtown. Wonderful.
Urologist: Fred Shessel at Georgia Urology. The man can cut a vasa deferentia so it stays cut.
Ob/gyn: Not that I have need, but I understand Dr. Richard Taylor is pretty awesome (disclaimer: he's a good friend).

GP: I go to a different doc at Primary Care Physicians of Atlanta, and maybe I should try Dr. Small. To be honest, I always feel like they're trying to get me in and out as soon as possible. I use them for referrals, mostly.
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